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The Chan Technique - Book

Do IYourself Health (based on an ancient Chinese Practice)


In this 216-page A to Z self-help book, Bob Chan shares with us a very simple and very effective technique that you can use on yourself and your family members, in the comfort of your home to ease acute or temporary physical pain symptoms and poor blood circulation to the extremities. It may also be of benefit to you if you're experiencing certain health problems.

This Ancient Chinese Technique for nerve and muscle pain, can greatly help to improve poor blood circulation and aid recovery from sports and strenuous physical activity or injury by establishing the bodies natural ability to heal and rejuvenate itself.

   Did you know that you can...

  • Relieve your migraine in 2 minutes so that you can continue to enjoy the party? ​

  • Ease your ankle pain in 2 minutes so that you can continue playing football?

  • Ease your abdominal discomfort while you are on holiday?

  • Relieve your neck pain so that you can sleep?

  • Erase your arthritis pain?

  • Heal your acne in days? 

  • Erase your chronic back pain?

  • Ease your asthma or hay fever? 

  • Reduce breast lumps, wrinkles, cellulite?

  • Help yourself to lower high blood pressure?


   The Chan Tool


   This book will show you how   

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Get yourself a copy for just £10   
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