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My journey into complementary therapies and healing started many years ago and has been my life's passion. It is lead me to meet and study with some amazing therapist, Dr's and healers all over the world.

''I am a fully insured complementary therapist with many years of experience. I hold and I am certificated in the all the treatment therapies and practices you see here on this site''

Mission Statement

My quest is to help empower people so that they might regain their zest for life and can improve upon their current level of health and wellness through the therapies that I practice and teach.

One day I wish to create a place in the community where people might come to find the help they need, when perhaps more conventional methods can no longer help and support them. I ask for your help in spreading my services in your communities, amongst your friends and family members.

I am also a member of a number of associations, bodies and organizations such as...


  • Zviker Healing Research Association

  • Meridian Therapy Association

  • AMT (the guild of energist) Dr Silvia Hartmann)

  • Natural Healing (Dr. Randal Franks)

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