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Women's Health - P.M.T

One of the things that I've noticed while in a treatment session with my female clients is the nerves and blood vessels in and around their Hips, Waist, Lower Back, Legs, and Stomach area become tangled restricting blood circulation and go into spasm just before menstruation begins. The nerves in these bodily locations end up taking up far more space than is needed.  This I believe is how and why cramping begins. In order to experience less cramping and a pain-free cycle, the nerves and blood vessels need to be untangled remain open which allows the blood to circulate and flow more easily. 

Pain medication and drugs can only help to relieve some of the physical symptoms, But it's unable to resolve the underlying cause of period pain and it's symptoms. This massage therapy can definitely help to make it a more managable experience. It can help to release the spasm nerves which go into contraction and prevents the blood vessels in and around the uterus to less likely to go into spasm. Buy keeping the narrow pathways open makes it much easier for the blood to circulate and pass through the narrow pathways more freely.

Period-Pain 2.jpg
The Chan Period Pain Massage Therapy was Developed and taught to me by Bob Chan a Chinese Herbalist. Sadly Bob passed away in 2015.  But he did leave me with his amazing technique that i've been successfully using to help women to be pain FREE each month and without the use of over the counter pain medication.

While massage can increase menstrual flow because of improved blood circulation, it can also have a positive effect on other aspects of menstruation such as...


  • Reduce back pain and cramps

  • Diminishes bloating

  • Stress Reduction

  • Improved Blood Circulation to the extremities 

  • Improved Sleep and Recuperation

  • Improved  Energy Levels

  • And Better Mood

There is an Introductory offer of £30 for a 45 minutes therapy session
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