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Kinetic Chain Release

Did you know that rebalancing your posture and alignment could potenionally help resolove your physical pain symptoms for good? Kinetic Chain Release or KCR as it's better know can help free the body of it's physical restrictions, physical pain symptoms and help to bring it back into balance and health.

Who can benefit from receiving KCR?

Everyone living in a physical body from the very young to the aged. By following this protocol you can bring the body back from being imbalanced to balance and alevating problems such as...

* Weak Ankles

* Knee Problems

* Hips and Joint Pain

* Pelvis Disorders

* Back Pain

* Kneck and Shoulders


* Headaches

* Fibromyagia

* Sciatica

* Plantar Fasciitis

* Low Energy Levels

out of balance.jpg

You remain fully clothed throughout the session while laying or sitting on a massage couch

Your First Visit Includes a Brief Consultation

1st Visit 1Hour - Fee £40

2nd Visit 30 Minutes - Fee £27

Enhance Your Sports Performance with KCR

Find out why Amteur and Professional Sports Men and Women choose KCR as part of their training and recovery programme and why making it part of your training and recovery programme could help to Enhance Athletic Performance,Increase Energy Levels and aid Faster Recovery Times. These are just some of the benefits

PLEASE : Bring or wear something comfortable to change into that allows for a full range of movement. 

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