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Would you like to rebalance your posture and alienment so that you always feel balanced and centred physically as well as mentally?  Kinetic Chain Release or KCR as it's better know can help free the body of it's physical restrictions, physical pain symptoms and help to bring it back to balance and health.

Developed from physiotherapy by Hugh Gilbert PT; Kinetic Chain Release insures a pr or post performance therapy session treatment like this. Is  GUARANTEED to help enhance your athletic performance ability. Through a series of gentle joint mobilizations and muscle stretches further helping to re-balance  and correct the posture  in just ONE 30 minutes session. 


Ideal for professional sports men and women, Dancers, those into Pilates, Yoga, and body builders also have benefited, and testified to having noticed a marked improvement in their strength, speed, mobility and also rapid relief of their physical pain symptoms. It's great for anyone recovering from sports related injuries, and those who want to improve their fitness and well being. This can be easily achievable with this One 2 One treatment and coaching sessions.

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