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London - Kinetic Chain Release Provider

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Welcome to Ahtmann Therapies

Would you like to bring your body back to physical balance and health?

Ahtmann Therapies offers a unique range of therapies, techniques and advanced methods that re-awakens the bodies own natural healing capability's so that it can begin to heal, function and return to it's optimal level of health and wellbeing once again.

These techniques and methods have successfully helped hundreds of people to better manage or resolve their physical pain symptoms along side some general health related problems or issues that they were challenged with.

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Meet Your Therapist

Hi. My name is Dell and I'm a qualified Energy Healer and approved Kinetic Chain Release Practitioner based in London. Where I have been promoting the benefits of Energy  Healing and KCR with great success for many years. 


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Reiki Treat's - Now Available

Would you like to experience the healing effect?

Did you know that Remote Healing can be transmitted over any distance no matter where you are in the world? Requests for remote healing for yourself, a loved one or even a family pet can now be made by email via this website.

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Just £10 to buy

Clients Testimonials

''I highly recomend people to go and visit Dell. His work goes beyond theraputic''

K. Condon - Spain

“A journey of a thousand miles 

begins with a single step”

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